Jorsal of Lauterbury

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Jorsal of Lauterbury

Source: Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 102–103

Jorsal of Lauterbury is a Pathfinder Society venture-captain and knight-errant who has run the Starrise Spire in the city of Nerosyan, Mendev, since 4707 AR.3


Jorsal is a deeply religious warrior who dedicated his life to discovering the source of the Worldwound. He chronicled more than 50 missions into the demon-haunted land, created maps of its terrible geography, and recovered hundreds of strange and terrible magical items for the Decemvirate.3 He has continued that work since the Worldwound's closing into the Sarkoris Scar, though the Society's occupation of the Spire is in doubt, and its resources are running low.4


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