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Stolen Fate

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Stolen Fate is the thirty-fifth Pathfinder Adventure Path and ran from April to June 2023.

Not even destiny itself is safe when powerful forces seek to seize control of the future, and now it falls to a band of heroes selected by the power of a magical Harrow deck to step in and ensure that fate is not stolen from the world! Already noteworthy in their own right, this new band of adventurers finds themselves quickly swept up in a race to gather and control the scattered cards of a powerful, mysterious artifact tied to the destinies of all who live on Golarion. It's a race that must be won, for to lose means all possible futures fade save for one—a stolen fate meant to bring power to a very select few and leave the rest of reality in ruin!


Pathfinder Adventure Path
The Choosing.jpg
The Choosing Written by Ron Lundeen Released April 26, 2023
A vision of a strange shop in the Grand Bazaar of Absalom accompanies the unexpected arrival of powerful magic cards that mysteriously manifest in the possession of a band of adventurers. But when an investigation of this vision reveals murder, treachery, and fiendish machinations, the adventurers are thrown into a race to control the very future of all things to come, tied to the ubiquitous fortune-telling cards known as the Harrow! Who has chosen your characters for this deadly quest, and what might become of your destinies should you fail?
The Destiny War.jpg
The Destiny War Written by Chris S. Sims Released May 24, 2023
More scattered cards of the mysterious and powerful Harrow deck known as the Deck of Destiny must be gathered before those who would use the Harrow's power to alter fate itself for their own needs can get them first. But this time, the cards come to the heroes when one of their competitors grows aggressive and attacks them in their own home. Only by gathering allies, exploring an ancient ruin, and exploring a corrupted demiplane can the heroes stand a chance over their latest enemy—a demonic mercenary who's taken an apocryphal Harrow card as his own identity.
Worst of All Possible Worlds.jpg
Worst of All Possible Worlds Written by Luis Loza Released June 28, 2023
The final cards of a powerful artifact based on the legendary Harrow deck finally lie within the grasp of the heroes who seek to defend the very future of reality from being set in stone, but fate itself has its own plans. Will the heroes of Stolen Fate make their own way into an unknown future and clash against the very creators of this potent magical artifact, or is destiny truly a force that cannot be withstood?