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Vinroot, an arboreal regent.

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 24–25
See also: Arboreal (language) and awakened plant

Arboreals are intelligent, sentient plant creatures who nurture and defend forests in an almost parental manner.1


Arboreals resemble humanoid-shaped trees and plants. Their typically slow movement belies a deceptive speed when endangered. They can vary widely in size, with the largest known to grow to 30 feet in height and 2 feet in trunk diameter, and weighing 4,500 pounds.1


Most arboreals remain close to their home forests, though some, such as the wardens of their kind, wander carefully alone or in groups known as "copses".1 The grandest among them are known as arboreal regents, or "treants", who guard a single forest.1


Arboreals are long-lived creatures who take a long view of life and history, and rarely meddle in the affairs of short-lived mortals. They tend to act only to protect themselves and the forests under their care from harm. Likewise, many are solitary outside of times of crisis, or meet in communal groups known as "groves" to share knowledge; the largest meetings occur only under the most serious of circumstances, when a region's groves meet for months at a time to plan action against an especially large threat.1

Older regents and powerful arboreals have access to the fungi that connect trees within a forest, and can use this connection to sense danger far from their current location.1


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