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A salamander.
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Salamanders are a race of evil, intelligent, reptile-like outsiders from the Elemental Plane of Fire.[1]


A salamander has the body of a snake, the head of a lizard, and a humanoid upper torso. Its skin is blackened red and crackles with flames.[1]


Salamanders typically live in temperatures of at least 500 ℉ and only grudgingly tolerate lower temperatures, which turn them even surlier and short-tempered than normal. For the same reason, they only value treasures that can withstand high temperatures.[1]

Many salamanders migrate from their home in the Plane of Fire to the Abyss, due to their respect for demons, especially those associated with fire, like balors. Others come to the Material Plane where the barrier between it and the Plane of Fire is thin, generally near areas of frequent volcanic activity, or are summoned as guardians or smiths. These salamanders are capable of producing ifrit offspring with humans, although this is rare.[1][2]


Salamanders are renowned warriors and metalworkers, leading many of them to be enslaved by stronger natives of the Plane of Fire, like efreet and magma dragons; for this reason, salamanders despise efreet. Sometimes, these salamanders are bound to their forge in servitude, which causes them to become undead ashen forgemasters upon death.[1][3][4]

Salamander society is cruel and respects nothing outside of power. A slow, painful death awaits all weaker beings that dare annoy a salamander.[1]

Relatively few salamanders worship Ymeri, the elemental lord of fire, instead preferring the demon lord Flauros. This has led to conflict between the two over the salamanders' worship.[5][6]

On Golarion

A tribe of salamanders has been reported in the Flume Warrens of the Darklands realm of Sekamina. This region is rife with volcanic vents, making it perfect for the heat-loving salamanders. These tribes are in constant conflict with a local group of azers, and seek an alliance with the fire giants of the Mindspin Mountains above in order to defeat their rivals.[7] The salamanders have been compelled by the giants to stage numerous attacks on the kobolds of the Embermaw clan, which lairs directly above the Flume Warrens, but these invasions have not been successful.[8]


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