Old Man

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The Old Man

(extraplanar, herald, lawful)
Any land (Axis)
Source: Tide of Honor, pg(s). 86

The Old Man is the herald of the god Irori.12

As Irori's herald, the Old Man favors students achieving their potential and watches over them across their lives. He also trades knowledge or training for magic items, rare books, mentally enhancing magic, and offers to build or restore temples to Irori.3 At other times, he tends to animals, gardens, meditates, swims, and practices fighting styles.2


The Old Man appears as a bald, elderly Tien or Vudrani man about five feet tall and weighing 120 pounds. He is often accompanied by a turtle, monkey, ox, rooster, or pig.2 Despite his aged look, the Old Man has superhuman strength and agility.4


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