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Turtles are reptiles known for having hard shells into which they can retract their more vulnerable bodies. While most are docile and calm, a few species such as the snapping turtle can be aggressive.1

On Golarion

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Many species of turtle live on the Shackles island of Hesmene's Grotto.2 Snapping turtles sometimes feature in the combat games of Myscurial, on the Shackles' Widowmaker Isle.3 They are also found in the Mwangi Expanse, including large speckled varieties.4 Gliding turtles are a massive species of turtle native to the islands of Azlant and are as big as a horse; despite their size, webbing between the shell and legs allows the turtle to glide down from a height onto their prey below.5

Dragon turtles are massive draconic relatives who most commonly roam Golarion's oceans.6

Turtles can be summoned as familiars7 or become animal companions.5

As food

Turtles are an egg-laying species, and their eggs are considered a delicacy in some places. The baker Olam Keecher, who lives in the Varisian village of Pendaka, combines them with cranberries in his famous turtle egg pies.8

Many varieties of turtles live in and near the Castrovin Sea, where they are hunted for food and shells.9

In the Great Beyond

Turtles are the favored animals of the deity Bergelmir10 and the empyreal lord Ghenshau.11 The Old Man, herald of Irori, often appears with a turtle.12 Chelonidals are agathions of Nirvana who resemble humanoid turtles.13


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