Windswept Wastes

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Windswept Wastes
Nation Empire of Kelesh
Government Monarchy
Religions Sarenrae

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 205

The Windswept Wastes is the name given to the central deserts and western steppes of the continent of Casmaron. It is nominally part of the Empire of Kelesh, but the inhabitants keep their own tribal customs and traditions and are largely left to their own devices by the Padishah Emperor.1


The region's inhabitants are mainly Keleshites, though culturally quite different from those living in the heartland of Kelesh to the south.1 The bestial undead known as namorrodors are known to haunt the parts of the Windswept Wastes that are coterminous with the Shadow Plane.2


The inhabitants honour Sarenrae and the other gods of the Empire of Kelish, but they also have their own legend which dates from the days of Ninshabur. It tells of a human hero called Namzaruum who will return one day to lead his descendants to victory against their enemies.3 Agents of Kelesh have for centuries scoured the Wastes for rumors of his return. In the name of maintaining order, they have killed anyone who might fit the mold of the cultural hero.1

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