Goblin hero-gods

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The four demigods now referred to as the goblin hero-gods were initially minor barghest deities in the service of Asmodeus. The four found that when they killed mortal creatures, the spilled blood turned into goblins. They swiftly secured the loyalty of their new creations. To gain their loyalty, Lamashtu created Basalfeyst, a realm in the Abyss, and gifted it to the four demigods. In return, they made sure the goblins worshipped Lamashtu.[1] Today, most goblins revere Lamashtu above all others, and recognise the four hero gods as equal secondary deities. However, a few tribes have favourites amongst the hero gods, and some even revere one or more of them ahead of Lamashtu.[2]

The four goblin hero-gods


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