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I'm a casual editor from Russia. Filling wikis is one of my favorite pastimes, and since I've been in love with Pathfinder's setting since the release of 2e its only appropriate for me to help out with editing this one too.

Pathfinder Society Lore

Just fill with new info as you read the books. Try to look for more pictures?

Classes update

Information Status Comment
Core Rulebook (Second Edition) classes Done Need to update bloodlines for sorcerer, and magic and schools of magic for wizard and everyone else. Need to update familiar and animal companion.
Advanced Player's Guide (Second Edition) classes In progress Need to update mysteries for oracle
Secrets of Magic classes Not started
Guns & Gears classes Not started
Dark Archive classes Not started

Races update

Make sure all race pages have the same structure, and fill with 2e information where possible.

Already added "Adventurers" section to most playable 2e races to indicate what classes they gravitate to.

Non-Inner Sea regions


Six Feet Under has a whole gazetteer dedicated to Vudra, as well as a map of the region. Jalmeray was made to be like Vudra, so maybe some info there. Cult of the Ebon Destroyers might have some more lore. Legacy of Fire might have info on Vudran psychics. Check out races tied to Vudra: Vishkanya, Vanara, Asuras (along with the whole Temple of the Peacock Spirit book). Just ctrl+f the bestiaries at this point. Rivani and Sajan are from Vudra.

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