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Divinity Drive

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Divinity Drive
(Technological Item)

Technological artifact,
infinite power supply
Source: The Divinity Drive, pg(s). 60
This article is about the technological artifact. For information about the Iron Gods Adventure Path issue, see The Divinity Drive.

The Divinity Drive served as an engine on the Androffan spaceship Divinity and its convoy of support ships by spawning massive wormholes capable of joining two distant points on the Material Plane.1


The Divinity Drive, an exceptionally dense 5-foot sphere of blue light weighing 2,500 pounds, is named after the god-like magnitude of its power. Its practically infinite energy and reality-ripping capabilities provided the Divinity with unique capabilities for its cosmos-spanning mission.1

After the Divinity crashed into Numeria, Unity—one of the ship's onboard artificial intelligences—began repairing and modifying the drive toward its own purposes in the ship's ruins.1


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