Palace of Voices

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The Palace of Voices serves as the most significant opera house and theatre in the Ustalavic capital of Caliphas. For the elite of the city, the Palace of Voices serves as a hub of culture despite the conflicts and intrigues occurring behind the scenes. The Palace of Voices is owned by the brother and sister Paulo and Marrian Carameizta who inherited it from their parents. The pair's relationship is full of petty dislikes, long-standing sibling rivalries, and they both have diametrically opposed ideas about how best to run the theatre leading them to detest each other. While Paulo and Marrian engage in endless petty squabbling, the Palace of Voices employees now look to the conductor Aldentor Rudono for artistic leadership. Aldentor's love-hate relationship with Calmadra Vhalikackos of the Karcau Opera is well known.1