Maiden's Choir

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Pharasma's holy symbol.

Sat near the centre of the Ustalavic capital of Caliphas, the Maiden's Choir is dominated by a gigantic dome of amethyst-veined black marble. Led by High Priestess Verith Thestia, Maiden's Choir serves as Caliphas' most prominent temple dedicated to Pharasma. At its heart, stands a silver, mausoleum-like reliquary claimed to contain a hoard of holy treasures including the Sarkorian song skulls, the scroll bones of Father Gesenge, the armoured Gown of Tears, and one of the steel feathers of Pharasma's own herald, the Steward of the Skein.1 Maiden's Choir is also home to the prominent exorcist Zetiah Mardhalas.2


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