Castle Stryithe

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The royal crest of Ustalav including the black antlers depicted on the throne.

Castle Stryithe currently serves as the royal palace of Ustalav.1


The castle was only recently built at the behest of Countess Carmilla Caliphvaso of House Caliphvaso when word of the royal court's relocation reached her.1 Castle Stryithe now serves as home to Prince Aduard Ordranti III, he oversees the royal duties of Ustalav from atop a black-antlered royal throne in his vast audience chamber.1


Countess Carmilla Caliphvaso personally oversaw the construction of Castle Stryithe, which features incredible stained glass, distinctive crimson stone, and a spire-crowned citadel surrounded by gothic buttresses that stabs into the sky above Caliphas like a blade.1

The castle also features the Hall of Peers with its 16 traditional stations, the Gallery of Ancestors, a large portrait gallery, and the Royal Archives. The Castle also features a private guest wing, numerous salons and conference chambers, and uncountable alcoves and shadowy corners perfect for sinister intrigues. The palace servants also whisper of stranger features including entire hidden floors, shifting passageways, secret escape routes, and hidden oubliettes. Some have even suggested the whole palace is based around an occult design that suggests a blasphemous agenda.1


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