Dawngrace Memorial

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Dawngrace Memorial stands in the Ustalavic capital of Caliphas as a tribute to the thousands who gave their lives retaking the city from the Whispering Tyrant. Dawngrace Memorial also serves as temple dedicated to Iomedae, whose worship has mostly died out in the city. It has at its heart a sombre memorial, a granite block carved with the names of the 12,488 soldiers who gave their lives retaking Caliphas during the Shining Crusade. A new congregation has arisen at the temple led by an Andoren priest named Indrenen "Oak" Corbakas who arrived in 4707 AR to create a new shrine to his goddess. His congregation has grown little, as the city's residents seem loathe to give up their traditional dour devotions to their goddess Pharasma. The Iomedaeans had hoped to further bolster their presence in the city by reclaiming the Abbey of Sante-Lymirin to the north of Caliphas but their efforts have been stymied by the schemes of Countess Caliphvaso.1


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