Mosquito Witch

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Mosquito Witch

Source: Monsters of Myth, pg(s). 72–77
This article is about the River Kingdoms cryptid. For the Pathfinder Society scenario, see The Mosquito Witch.

The Mosquito Witch is a mythical figure and the subject of a festival in Shimmerford, the River Kingdoms town where stories of it first originated. As of 4721 AR, however, sightings of a creature resembling the tales have increased near the town, as have mosquito-related phenomena.1


A mosquito witch doll.

The first reported encounter with the Mosquito Witch was by a group of teenagers1 in 4662 AR, with subsequent unconfirmed sightings continuing through 4664 AR.2 As of 4719 AR, the last surviving witness to remain in Shimmerford is Mordha Lyons.3

Most origin tales of the Witch are little more than speculation, and scholars view it as little more than a local cryptid legend. Many theories about its identity exist, ranging from a mitflit-fed hoax to a fey aspect reacting to local mythmaking. Locals also suggest it might be connected to the mosquito deity Ghlaunder or demon lord Deskari. None of these theories have been conclusively proven.14

Shimmerford residents attribute many divination powers to the Witch's influence, in which the Witch appears to a person in a dream, takes their blood, and writes their answers in it nearby. Such an aspect of the Mosquito Witch is also referred to as the hemoprophet.1


The Witch is often described as a hunched, six-armed humanoid figure with black hair, waxy skin, red eyes, no hands, and a proboscis-like tongue. Some descriptions include bug-like wings,1 though this detail is disputed.5 The tracks it leaves after feeding resemble small holes in the ground.1 It is always said to be accompanied by a sickeningly sweet scent.16


The Witch is said to live on Witchtop Hill, the site of its first sighting,3 where some locals pin dolls that purportedly fascinate the Witch to bare trees in order to ward it off (or less commonly to request its aid). The hill is riddled with holes and caverns, few of which indicate any sign of permanent habitation by anything more intelligent than a badger.1

However, travelers do spot itinerant human-sized nests on occasion, often near treetops. Such nests contain mammal corpses that have been sucked dry and stolen keepsakes from Shimmerford.1


Many unconfirmable abilities are attributed to the Mosquito Witch, including divination, the ability to commune with and control insects and arthropods, and clairvoyance through mosquitoes and any depiction of itself. Several weaknesses are also attributed to it, including a fear of or allergy to bright sunlight or an inability to detect creatures doused in holy water. Others suggest the Witch can spawn mosquito larvae from open wounds and feeds on the fear of its prey as much as from their blood.1


Paizo published a chapter on the Witch in Monsters of Myth, and a Pathfinder Society scenario about it titled The Mosquito Witch.