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An elf with a badger animal companion
Giant badger
Dire badger1E

Badgers are small, burrowing mammals found most frequently in Golarion's temperate forests. Their short legs and portly bodies disguise a ferocious temper and considerable strength given their size. Their fur is dark-brown or grey with white markings running along their head and back, with a distinctive "mask" around the eyes.1

Dire badgers

Dire badgers are the larger, more ferocious cousins to the common badger. They tend to feed on forest animals such as rabbit and deer, but have been known to attack livestock as well. Like their smaller kin, dire badgers dig deep warrens where they make their homes, but a dire badger's claws can cut through solid rock. Dire badgers are sometimes found in the company of forest gnomes who admire their courage and tenacity. They generally stand around four feet at the shoulder and can weigh upwards of 500 pounds.1

Animal companions

Certain druids and rangers are known to have badgers as their animal companion. They begin as normal badgers, but with increased experience can grow to be as large as dire badgers.22 Dwarves seem to be especially fond of keeping badgers, sensing a common bond among these burrowing animals.3


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