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Source: The Mosquito Witch, pg(s). 3, 6–9

Shimmerford is a town in the River Kingdoms known for legends of the cryptid Mosquito Witch, in whose name the town stages an annual festival.1


The walled town is located east of Riverton on the East Sellen River, with farms and shops on its outskirts.1


Shimmerford was built on or near the site of other settlement ruins, a trait not uncommon in the chaotic and violent River Kingdoms. One local legend suggests a survivor of a former nearby settlement cursed the area with the taint of Ghlaunder, and that the Mosquito Witch might be that survivor.2

The first reported encounter with the Mosquito Witch was by a group of teenagers2 in 4662 AR, with subsequent unconfirmed sightings continuing through 4664 AR.3 As of 4719 AR, the first sighting's last surviving witness to remain in Shimmerford is Mordha Lyons.4

In 4718 AR, the town was beset by swarms of mosquitos and bloodseekers in a plague that lasted for about a year that was accompanied by several phenomena, such as cryptic tree carvings and unusual footprints. Locals attributed the plague to the Mosquito Witch, though a group of Pathfinders debunked this and ended the plague in the following year.5

Mosquito Witch festival

In the years after the Mosquito Witch's first sightings spread terror through the town, its residents have come to embrace it and the stories about it. Cryptid-seeking travelers visited the town upon hearing tales of the Witch and brought money with them, which over time became a thriving trade in Mosquito Witch dolls, witchbread, and other such goods.3

The town also began hosting an annual festival themed for the Mosquito Witch, a regionally popular event that draws hundreds into the town and generates a significant amount of revenue for its residents.3


As of 4719 AR, Shimmerford was home to a barber, brandy brewery, tanner, inn, forge, baker, and a shrine to Hanspur.1


Paizo published a Pathfinder Society scenario set in Shimmerford, titled The Mosquito Witch.