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Refuge of the Aldori swordlords
Mivoni (s.)/Mivoni (pl.)
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 28-31

It was to Mivon (pronounced mih-VON)1 that many of the Aldori swordlords fled after Choral the Conqueror overthrew the nation of Rostland to create modern day Brevoy. Many swordlords settled in Mivon bringing with them the experience and knowledge of the ancient art of the swordlords. Warriors from as far away as Garund make pilgrimages to Mivon to learn the secrets of the swordlords, in order to do this the applicant must best a series of increasingly tough duels.2

Mivon is one of the most stable River Kingdoms. The land surrounding the city-state of Mivon, features the town of Jovvox3 as well as a dozen4 small walled villages with palisades and guards, and a number of stone keeps along the rivers leading to and from Pitax.5


Much of the early history of the land of Mivon is lost to time as most of its previous residents were eradicated. The Aldori exiles subjugated the bandits in the region, who in their turn put down the original settlers. In 4316 AR, the inhabitants of the settlement of Mivon fled or died, claiming that they were attacked by trees and plants, by the dead rising from the river, and wizards who called the moon from the sky. Mivon remained abandoned for 20 years.6 Historians come to Mivon to study the ancient dwellers of the land, some of whom are said to still live in the unexplored areas of the kingdom.5

When Choral the Conqueror began his bloody conquest in 4499 AR, the Aldori swordlords that became the Mivoni Aldori fled south into the River Kingdoms and watched their homeland burn rather than stay and fight the invaders as many of their brave compatriots did. Though 200 years have passed, the Aldori of Mivon still worry at the memory of their dishonorable retreat and the cowardice of their ancestors. Those who consider themselves the elite of their people were the first in flight. "Coward" and "Brevoy bird" have become among the gravest insults one can bestow on the Mivoni Aldori.7

The nine major Houses and the 20 or so minor Houses that fled Rostland had no clear line of succession from the court among them as the most prominent Aldori Houses remained behind to battle. Thus, the exiles began their fight for supremacy soon after they conquer the area of Mivon.4


The land of Mivon is heavily criss-crossed with rivers. Much of the low-lying land is marshy and transportation is supported by a large number of high stone bridges. Flocks of sheep and herds of cows feed in the southeastern highlands. The kingdom has borders with the Embeth Forest to the southwest, the territory of a tribe of exiled elves to the northeast, and the kingdom of Pitax to the northwest. Mivon and Pitax are not currently at war but maintain a long-standing hostility against each other.5

The marshlands of Mivon are a rich source of eels, fish, and peat.3


The Aldori exiles in Mivon have formalized the status of their beloved dueling. The status in Mivon society is determined by the List of Suitors, a monthly publication that lists the results of the previous month's duels. Governmental positions are won or lost, fortunes rise or fall, and scores are settled by means of formal duels. The main square of the city of Mivon hosts a weekly gathering, called the Sevier, for swordsmen aged 16 to 60 who wish to duel in public and improve their reputation. Usually those who have established a high reputation tend to avoid the affair unless they have been specifically challenged to appear.53

Most Aldori of Brevoy regard Mivoni Aldori as a lesser branch of the Aldori swordpact, and they seek duels with the Mivoni to prove their superiority. Many swordlords from Brevoy who come to test their skill in the Mivoni swordpact return seriously wounded and report the excellency of the Mivoni branch.5

Mivoni mercenaries are famous. The Houses provide bands of mercenaries trained in the Aldori swordpact to the highest bidder. Sometimes the Mivoni mercenaries can fight on opposite sides of the same war.8


Mivon's social system is a meritocracy. The Aldori swordlord Raston Selline is the mayor of the city of Mivon and ruler of the land. He claims that the city will pass to the hands of whomever can defeat him in a duel; first, though, a challenger must pass through the lesser lords of Mivon, fighting his way up the List of Suitors. As Selline grows older, a young skilled swordlord named Gaspar Tellick, has voluntarily declared himself Selline's inferior. Thus, anyone wishing to take the city's government must first pass through Tellick. This allows Selline to teach Tellick how to manipulate the hidden strings of the city and its intrigues. Some say that Tellick will challenge Selline sometime soon, but for now, they keep their public friendship tension-free.4

Mivon has no army. Each Aldori House fields its own militia, flies its own colors, and swears fealty to a master, rather than to the Mivon kingdom as a whole. The Houses agree on little. They compete with each other for the right to provide security in the city of Mivon, and other necessary military duties. Selline tries to balance the desires of the Houses against the city's needs.4




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