Stolen Lands

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Stolen Lands
Lini and Sajan survey the Stolen Lands.

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 50ff.
This article refers to the River Kingdoms territory. For the Kingmaker Adventure Path issue, see Stolen Land.
Lini's and Sajan's exploration of the Stolen Lands could be going better.

The Stolen Lands are an almost wholly unsettled region in the northeastern section of the River Kingdoms, bordering the nation of Brevoy.1


The nation of Taldor made the first major attempt to tame the lands now known as the Stolen Lands. The way was paved by the Fifth Army of Exploration, which made considerable attempts to map and explore the River Kingdoms. The effort was eventually for naught and various ruins and abandoned mines can still be found throughout the Stolen Lands to this day.23

Other attempts have been made from various factions over the centuries, whether by Brevoy or nations of the River Kingdoms. Despite the fact that no nation can hold the Stolen Lands for long, the attempts of colonization has caused considerable consternation between all parties.4

The most recent attempt came in 4710 AR. King Noleski Surtova sent explorers and settlers to explore and ultimately settle the Stolen Lands.5

There is no clear reason why the Stolen Lands has proven so difficult to settle over the centuries but scholars have noted that the barrier between the Material Plane and the First World are unusually thin in the region. Some theorize that this connection has made the area difficult to tame.6


Although settlers from Brevoy have made attempts to colonize the land, there is little in the way of economy in the Stolen Lands. The wilderness is waterlogged and provides a limited supply of arable farmland.7

Notable sites

The Stolen Lands are for the most part uninhabited, but contain several sites of note.8