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Uringen (static)
Nation River Kingdoms
Size Small town
Population 1,713
Demographics Human 85%, half-elf 12%, gnome 2%, other 1%
Government Autocratic diarchy with unstuck Uringen
Alignment Lawful neutral
Demonym Uringens
Adjective Uringen
Ruler Mayor Knavar Mieren
Leader Sheriff Issan Deald
Secha Brook, high priestess of Erastil

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 60-63
Uringen (unstuck)
Nation River Kingdoms
Size Small town
Population 1,213
Demographics Human 85%, half-elf 9%, gnome 5%, other 1%
Government Autocratic diarchy with static Uringen
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Demonym Uringens
Adjective Uringen
Ruler Lady Aurelia Ogden, mayor
Leader Sheriff Lugaid Ibarra
Titor Restivo, mayoral advisor
Navin Mayeda, high priestess of Pharasma

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 60-63

An enigma among the settlements of the River Kingdoms, Uringen lies in the eastern regions of the country near the Embeth Forest. The settlement seems to exist in two realms, part of it "static" in reality, the other "unstuck"—disappearing and reappearing with the mists[1] its inhabitants speaking Skald, a language not spoken in the River Kingdoms for ages.[2]

Most outside the town theorize that the town is under some sort of foul magic or evil spell, but the true source of its strange behavior is a malfunctioning time-altering magical clocktower at the town's center that warped a third of the town to a pocket dimension between the Material Plane and the First World.[2][3] The frequency of this phasing seems to be increasing, leading many in town to worry that it is moving closer to the First World.[4]


While the swampy lands around the town makes for poor farming, and despite its relative isolation from the world, Uringen's reputation still makes it a wealthy trading hub for products of the River Kingdoms, such as Cordelon oil.[5][3] It also has a thriving alchemical market due to its proximity to rare marshland flora in the Embeth Forest, particularly for impressive concoctions made from local nightmoss that aid healing and sometimes even strengthen their imbiber. The town is also one of Daggermark's suppliers of poison ingredients.[3]

The town's lack of arable land forces it to import and preserve hearty vegetables and grain, goods it easily can pay for thanks to its famed alchemical production. The forests and swamps also provide plenty of fresh game.[6]


With the town often split in two, it has two mayors: Lady Aurelia Ogden represents unstuck Uringen, and with her advisor Titor Restivo, she also leads work on resolving the town's strange situation. Meanwhile, Knavar Mieren rules over the static part of town, protecting it from frequent fey raids with sheriff Issan Deald. The two mayors determine which of them will represent Uringen to the Outlaw Council each year, often via a game of dice or cards.[4]


Surrounded by the dense, fey-infested Embeth Forest, Uringen sits in a low marsh crossed by creeks and Sellen River tributaries. While politically surrounded by Mivon, Gralton, Pitax, Numeria, and Galt, its geographic isolation has shielded it from raids and conquest; indeed, even most friendly travelers avoid passing through. The forest's woodsmen can guide prospective traders to the town but refuse to enter it.[3]

The town itself is built on an ancient fey circle, with roads leading out in four cardinal directions from a clock tower in a large central public square.[4] When the central, unstuck third of the town vanishes, it leaves behind a seemingly empty field that the town's static residents have roped off to prevent accidents should it suddenly reappear. Residents trapped in the unstuck part of town can attempt to leave but find that all roads seemingly lead in a circle back to town.[6]


Notable locations in and near town include:


Uringen was founded by its namesake, Ulfen skald Birji Uringen and his companion, the Ustalavic wizard Rhona Ambros, in 4637 AR.[3][7] They recruited settlers from their homelands, resulting in its unique linguistic melting pot of Skald and Common, and in 4638 AR began building the strange clock tower at the town's center from stolen instructions.[3] Four years later, Uringen became unstuck for the first time in a massive bank of fog.[7]

Timeline of major phases

  • 4642 AR: Uringen's first disappearance.[7]
  • 4645 AR: Uringen reappears; disappearance cycles of several days begin occurring at random.[7]
  • 4696 AR: Uringen's unstuck region disappears during a raid by Pitax.[7]
  • 4704 AR: Uringen's cycles begin to increase in frequency.[7]


Due to its strange nature and difficult geography, Uringen attracts criminals seeking sanctuary, skilled woodsmen who can navigate its strange phenomena, alchemists seeking its rare flora and fauna, and a multitude of fey threats. The inhabitants of Uringen always wear distinctive black and white garments.[2]

Residents in the static parts of town live in unease and avoid travelling to the unstuck areas for fear of being swept up into its strange dimension, while those of the unstuck area embrace their occasional existence, carrying on in festive taverns.[3][6] Some of the town's gnomish residents claim to be able to traverse the two parts of town at will, even when the unstuck portion has vanished, and about a dozen pixies and grigs live in the town as well.[6]

Prominent residents of Uringen and its surrounds include:


Paizo published a major article on Uringen in the Guide to the River Kingdoms.

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