Lavender Lil

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Lavender Lil
Lavender Lil

Source: Second Darkness, pg(s). 30-31

Like many of Riddleport's tiefling population, Lavender Lil grew up an orphan. She earned her coin by telling stories on street corners, where her fantastical tales garnered just enough copper for a bite to eat. Although a gifted storyteller, Lil's exotic good looks drew more attention than her tales, and soon a local pimp forced her into his flock.

As she matured, Lil's sultry purple eyes and her love for flowers earned her the nickname "Lavender." Her talent for storytelling matured alongside her looks, and rumors circulated that her grandfather was Varisian and her grandmother was a devil-woman. While Lil had no strenuous objections to working as a prostitute, she missed the freedom of life on the streets. Her dreams never grew grand enough to imagine life as a noble lady, a brave adventurer, or even a wife or mother. All Lil wanted was the freedom to claim her own life and to manage it, for ill or good.1


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