Fish Bowl

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Besmara's holy symbol.

The Fish Bowl is a riverside temple to Besmara in the city of Riddleport.12

This bowl-shaped structure sits atop a stone base, assessable via a staircase cut into the stone construction. The large bowl is filled with seawater and contains several variety of aquatic predators, such as swamp barracudas, bunyips, and reefclaws.2 These beasts are kept under close guard, however, as the clergy is well aware of the harm such creatures can inflict if let loose in the city.3

Although the priests are secretive about their activities, they are believed (correctly) to occasionally make sacrifices to Besmara, utilizing the aquatic predators for the grizzly rites. These sacrificial rites are not without dangers and even the clerics have fallen prey to the beasts.2

Most of Riddleport's seafaring inhabitants visit the temple, at least occasionally, to make donations and request favors from the Pirate Queen. Unsurprisingly, these visitors are rarely known for their piety or dedication, making their patronage unpredictable at best.[citation needed]

The head of the temple is Ruben Carfay.4


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