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Source: Valley of the Brain Collectors, pg(s). 58

Isuma is a kasatha stranded in the Scar of the Spider on Golarion. Having accepted that she will never leave this alien planet, she has long been waging a shadow war against the Dominion of the Black to avenge her kin, whose bodies are used by the Dominion's xoarians1 as hosts.2


Isuma was born more than 9,000 years ago on the planet Kasath, within a nomadic tribe. She witnessed the arrival of a shuttle from the Divinity, and its human crew made her tribe an offer: they would take a dozen kasathas on board to serve as ambassadors and to learn technology, and later return them to Kasath to spread the knowledge to their people. Isuma eagerly volunteered, fully expecting to come back home and usher the kasathas into a new age.2

After a disastrous battle with the Dominion of the Black that saw the Divinity crippled and forced to flee, Isuma and her surviving tribemates discovered that they were not the only kasathas brought onto the Divinity: other factions of the crew also abducted kasathas from other tribes and put them within habitat domes for observation. She was livid at how her human hosts lied to her, even as she knew that they were not involved in the other abductions and were working at cross purposes with those abductors.2

A few hours later, the Divinity crashed. Desperate to survive, Isuma and her allies entered an escape pod, launched it toward Kasath, and went into stasis, but the shuttle was unable to escape Golarion's gravity and also crashed.2

For millennia, the kasathas remained in the stasis pods, until they were retrieved by an annihilator robot programmed by the Dominion to harvest interesting objects for experimentation, and brought to the Dominion base in the Scar of the Spider. One-by-one, the kasathas were awakened from stasis, subjected to terrible experiments, and finally handed to the xoarians as hosts. Isuma was the last to be awakened, and managed to stage a daring escape, as the enemy's security had grown lax.2


When she escaped from the Dominion, Isuma managed to take several technological items with her, including a magic suit of aurumvorax hide, but depleted most of them when destroying one of the Dominion's annihilator robots.2


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