Grazulk's Resplendent Fastness

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Grazulk's Resplendent Fastness is a unique fortress that resides on a floating island in the Elemental Plane of Air near the border with the Material Plane. Rather than regular rock, the island that Grazulk's Resplendent Fastness sits upon is made up of rich ores and various lodes of precious stone, a literal floating treasure trove. The Fastness itself is a fortress with gilded walls and towers of solid silver. Grazulk's Resplendent Fastness is named after Grazulk, a powerful apprentice of Runelord Karzoug, who conjured it as a repository for his vast wealth and enormous arcane library. A powerful conjurer, Grazulk was able to escape the jealous Karzoug long before the Earthfall brought an end to the ancient kingdom of Thassilon. One would think that Grazulk must have died, given that Thassilon fell nearly ten thousand years ago, but some rumours have it he still lives on somehow within the Resplendent Fastness's depths; others that he is dead. What is certain is that the cloud giant descendants of those who fled Thassilon still guard Grazulk's Resplendent Fastness to this day. Beyond the fortress, several nephleis also make their homes nearby.12


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