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The ruins of Nebrindae float through the Plane of Air, a remanent of some fantastical structure left drifting across the plane's vast void. It is hard to describe the appearance of Nebrindae, it is as if two separate cities, one comprising entirely of mosques and one of cathedrals, had been smashed together into an impossible combination of towering minarets and vast domes. The spherical ruins bristle with towers and breathtaking architecture covered in statues. It is believed that Nebrindae was once an incredibly vast temple dedicated to the psychopomp ushers but now over half of its towers lie in ruins and many of its statues have been defaced. Nebrindae has floated through the Plane of Air since time immemorial, falling through its depths but never colliding with any of the plane's other features, though whether this is due to the plane's vast size, or thanks to some unknown guiding hand is uncertain.1


Though it lies in ruins, Nebrindae is far from abandoned: the sphere is now home to numerous clans of gargoyles. Some of the marble-skinned gargoyles claim to be descended from an ancient line of followers of the psychopomp usher Vavaalrav, also known as the Steeple's Skull. Other clans of gargoyles such as the Ascendancy of Wind Seers, the Dawnbeak Raiders, the Reignsol clan, and the Silvered Scars moved into the ruins of Nebrindae much later. These gargoyle clans squabble incessantly amongst themselves, only stopping when Nebrindae approaches another location on the plane. When this happens, the gargoyles swarm the location, vast clouds of them descending like a plague of locusts, raiding, stealing, and destroying. As such, Nebrindae is viewed as an unpredictable menace by many of the Plane of Air's other inhabitants. Beyond the gargoyles, many religious expeditions have sought to plunder Nebrindae as it believed that some great secret of the psychopomps is hidden somewhere within Nebrindae's heart. As such, religious expeditions devoted to Pharasma; her psychopomp ushers; and Mahathallah, one of the Queens of the Night and a fallen psychopomp herself, often visit the ruins of Nebrindae.2