Caves of Zarantavli

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The Caves of Zarantavli are a mass of solid matter that floats through the Plane of Air and is riddled with a vast network of caves that boast some unique inhabitants. Upon approaching the Caves of Zarantavli, the first thing one sees is a flat, idyllic plain across which several herds of transparent cattle roam. Only when one lands on this floating mass do the Caves of Zarantavli become apparent, as one soon encounters the beings that dwell within. The bee-like thriae that inhabit the caves are not native to the Plane of Air and do not speak of whatever purpose originally brought their hive to this place. Ruled by their queen, Zemzimara, the thriae hive includes many powerful oracles who use divination magic to scry on the rest of the Multiverse to both protect themselves from the plane's other inhabitants and for some other purpose that remains shrouded in secrecy. Unfortunately, all thriae are female and they reproduce exclusively using male humanoids of other species, which are very hard to come by in the depths of the Elemental Plane of Air. As such, thriae expeditions from the Caves of Zarantavli often set out to find suitable males in cities and more inhabited regions of the Plane of Air and even as far as the Material Plane, offering a life of comfort to any male willing to accept in exchange for their intimate services.1


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