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the Fey-Marked
Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 16–17

Eranex the Fey-Marked is the child of the silver dragon Silverstep and an unknown fey being. Silverstep once made his home in a system of partly flooded caves in the Stolen Lands, next to a lake still known as Lake Silverstep after him, but he left the Material Plane for the First World centuries ago together with his fey lover. Their union produced Eranex, a fey dragon with strangely shaped spines and complex curling patters on her wings. Silverstep vanished from the First World shortly after his daughter's birth, and has not been seen there since.1

Earlier life

In her lifetime, Eranex became a servant of the Eldest known as Shyka the Many, and underwent a number of missions for her. At one point, she fought a battle against an ankou and was slain in the process; she regenerated afterwards, as is the nature of fey in the First World, but she has no wish to undergo the painful and lengthy process of rebirth once again.1

Recent events

Most recently, Eranex was sent by her patron to the very lake where her father once made his home in order to retrieve Vesper's Rapier. This powerful artifact is reputed to have been made by Shyka and known to disappear and reappear at random locations in the world, but would appear at the lake in a year's time. On arriving at Lake Silverstep, however, Eranex discovered that another fey—an ankou servant of Count Ranalc known as Orsig—had also learned of the rapier's upcoming materialization and had come to the lake alongside her allies to retrieve the artifact himself, intending to use it to bring about his master's return to power. Eranex thus found herself in the position of having to oppose the ankou's plans but knowing that a direct confrontation would likely end poorly for her. She is currently attempting to gather allies for herself, but few are forthcoming—the rumors of evil fey and a strange draconic being generated by the recent occurrences around the lake have kept most locals and potential adventurers away. Eranex still hopes to secure aid before confronting Orsig and his allies, but the increasingly looming deadline she works under means that, if she will have failed to gather it by the time the rapier appears, she will have to take her chances against the evil fey by herself.1


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