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The ancient pine and fir trees of the Arthfell Forest make up one of the most infamous woodland regions in the nation of Andoran. Known for its druidic cabals, bands of menacing werewolves, and other dangers, Arthfell is rarely traveled, though civilization is ever encroaching on its borders.1 The Andoren geographical region known as Arthfell gets its name from the woodlands.2


The Arthfell covers western Andoran between the Darkmoon Plain to the north, the peaks of the Arthfell Mountains and Norgotha Peaks to the east, and the fertile plains of Andoran to the west and south. It is composed largely of white pine, sugar pine, and tremendous fir trees, and is under 300 miles in length from its southwestern to is northeastern tip, and rarely more than 50 miles in width. The forest is without a major human settlement, and the dark canopy of the trees obscures much within the Arthfell, only increasing its air of mystery and danger.34


The forest was once much larger, reaching from the edge of the Five Kings Mountains in the north all the way to the southern coast of Andoran. After the establishment of Andoran as the westernmost province of the Taldan Empire in 1707 AR, heavy logging began in the southern Arthfell to feed the shipyards of Augustana. Even though logging activities in the forest have waxed and waned throughout the last two millennia due to changes in government policy and demand, the Arthfell Forest has been the lifeblood of Andoran for a very long time.54 Most of the logging in the Arthfell is now overseen by the immoral Lumber Consortium, which has managed to cart off a third of the forest's lumber.4


The Arthfell today is the setting for frequent conflicts between loggers supplying the shipyards of Augustana with much-needed lumber and the various defenders of the wood, such as the bestial archdruid known as Blooded Stag.36


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