Piren's Bluff

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Piren's Bluff
A guard is ambushed on the walls of Baron Vendikon's Keep.

96% human, 2% halfling, 1% elf, 1% other
Source: Tower of the Last Baron, pg(s). 4

Piren's Bluff is a small border hamlet in Andoran that sits atop a flat rock overlooking a narrow canyon leading deep into the Aspodell Mountains. It is surrounded by a tall wooden palisade with six watchtowers.12 An ancient keep watches over the hamlet from the highest elevation and protects Andoran's western border. The keep is surrounded by massive stone walls and guard towers, and has always served as home to the leaders of Piren's Bluff.1


The Aspodell Mountains are jagged but relatively low mountains that rise to heights around 9,000 feet at their peaks. They form the official border between Cheliax and Andoran. Only one pass exists through the dangerous, monster-ridden mountains, and over the pass rises Piren's Bluff. Piren's Bluff is strategically important not only for its control on the Aspodell Pass but also because the mountains are rich in iron veins.23

Notable locations

Seoni performs a ritual in the Pact Hall, as Kyra and Shiyara the High Mediator observe.
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Paizo set the module Tower of the Last Baron in Piren's Bluff.