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Temperate islands
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 97

Tuataras are small, rare primordial cousins of lizards that evolved in the absence of mammals.1

Habitat and ecology

Most tuataras live on isolated islands and are nearly extinct on Golarion's surface.12 Variants are more common in the Darklands, however.23 Some serve as familiars for spellcasters,24 and as exotic creatures were sometimes favored familiars for Arclords of Nex.5

Known tuataras


Rock tuataras,2 sometimes called deep crag tuataras,3 are the most common underground species of tuatara and plentiful in Nar-Voth, where their camouflage has adapted to cave walls and rocks.2

Spined flute tuataras hide among fungal growths, mossy tuataras are named for their tendency to sleep underwater for so long that moss grows on them, and viper tuataras have a venomous bite.2


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