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Source: The Seventh Arch, pg(s). 86

Temagyrs are fey gorgas who embody the fear of being hunted in the dark.1


Temagyrs resemble a predatory quadruped, such as a large dog or wolf, shrouded in shifting shadows that obscure its detailed form. Like all gorgas, they have large hollow eyes composed of magic shadow. On average, temagyrs are eight feet long and weigh 500 pounds.1


Like all gorgas, temagyrs can see in all types of darkness, including magical darkness. Their shadowy forms also allow them to easily hide in places of little or no light, and their shadows appear to persist in the air behind them as they move with supernatural grace.1

Temagyrs are most known for their unusual bites, which can rip away part of another creature's shadow rather than their physical body but still does physical harm. The resulting wounds are difficult to treat as they leave no physical sign, and deceased victims whose shadow was ripped apart and eaten by temagyrs might appear physically untouched.1


Like all gorgas, temagyrs originate from the Nighthold of the First World and typically lair either there or in dark caverns or deep forests during daytime while on Golarion. They are most active at night where they can hunt and ambush prey with delight.<ref name="PF187-86"


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