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Source: The Seventh Arch, pg(s). 86–87
This article covers the type of fey. For the Kellid woman named Gorga, see Gorga Firekeeper.

Gorgas are a classification of shadowy fey creatures of the First World, each type of which embodies a different fear of darkness commonly held by diurnal creatures.1


All gorgas enshroud themselves in shadow that they can contain inside of their bodies and have hollow eyes made of magical shadow. They otherwise vary in size, shape, and ability according to the fear they embody.1


A type of gorga exists for each aspect of a fear of darkness that exists. Known types of gorga include:1

  • Gaiomyr, the fear of unknowable shapes moving in the darkness
  • Notua, the fear of losing one's final source of light
  • Ocluai, the fear of being lost in the dark
  • Temagyr, the fear of being hunted in the dark


Gorgas share an ability to see in darkness, including magical darkness. Some types, such as the oculai, are intelligent enough to understand language.1


Gorgas avoid light, particularly daylight, and rest in either the Nighthold of the First World or caverns and deep forests on Golarion during daytime.1

The creatures were once compassionate servants of Count Ranalc, but with the Count's disappearance they devolved into packs that hunted other fey. In this chaos, the fey Kaneepo the Slim convinced many, though not all, of them that elves of the Universe had engineered the Count's disappearance and used their ensuing anger to mobilize them into attacking Universal locations.1

On Golarion

Gorga attacks are common in the River Kingdom of Sevenarches, where the first gorga appearance occurred in 1575 AR.2 The druidic Oakstewards defend against gorga incursions,3 and gorga activity increases when elves approach the nation's portals.4


Paizo published an article on gorgas in The Seventh Arch pg. 86.