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Source: The Seventh Arch, pg(s). 87

Oculais are fey gorgas who embody the fears of being lost in the dark and of terror lacking reason.1


An oculai resembles a featherless owl with a serrated beak and the legs of a monkey. Like all gorgas, they have large hollow eyes composed of magic shadow.1


Like all gorgas, oculais can see in all types of darkness, including magical darkness. Their shadowy forms interfere with the senses of nearby creatures, particularly their sense of location, and dims mundane sight sources to the point of ineffectiveness.1

Oculais can also create illusory distortions of horrific scenes, such as corpses being consumed by worms or the presence of a monster, in the peripheral vision of nearby creatures.1

Oculais are intelligent enough to understand languages, including Aklo, Common tongues, and Sylvan, but often choose not to communicate with creatures other than fey. When they do, however, it is only through transmitting unsettling telepathic imagery while staring into the eyes of the recipients.1


Like all gorgas, oculais originate from the Nighthold of the First World and typically lair either there or in dark caverns or deep forests during daytime while on Golarion. They prefer to accompany other gorgas and watch them hunt terrified prey, attacking those who attempt to flee, driving them into hazards, or frightening them into submission.<ref name="PF187-87"


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