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Three masts
Foundered off Lady's Cape
Source: Curse of the Lady's Light, pg(s). 12

The Impdrake was a Chelish merchant sailing vessel that foundered off the Lady's Cape in far-southwestern Varisia some time ago. In a drunken stupor, Captain Linus Halfclasper mistook the Lady's Light for one of Magnimar's lighthouses, and crashed it against the jagged shoals surrounding that headland. Many died in the sea, while the few sailors who made it on land were quickly killed by the local inhabitants: a tribe of boggards. The wreck of the Impdrake still lies around 30 feet off-shore, but few know of its location, and those few that do fear to approach it, as it is (correctly) rumored to be haunted by the spirits of its slain captain and crew.1


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