Lady's Cape

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The Lady's Cape is the southwestern-most point of Varisia's landmass. This hook-like peninsula juts out from the Mushfens into Conqueror's Bay and takes its name from its most prominent landmark: the Thassilonian structure known as the Lady's Light.1


The land of the Lady's Cape is composed mostly of salty marshland, swamps with heavy undergrowth, along with a few hills. Its hook-like peninsula surrounds a shallow body of salt water known as the Lady's Lagoon, inhabited by reefclaws and the occasional shark. Lake Ghaulos, a large fresh water pond is fed from the Mushfens by Slug Creek.1


The most prominent inhabitants of the cape are the boggards of Baladab Souko and the xulgath tribe called the Children of Zevgavizeb. These two groups have been fighting for dominance of the Lady's Cape for quite some time. The half-orc witch Maroux also makes her home here, but she steadfastly refuses to get involved in the local conflicts between the tribes, and attacks anyone who approaches her home.1


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