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Elemental scamp
His Frozen Majesty, King Eshakhar I, an ice mephit.

Elemental scamps, also known as mephits,123 are diminutive, bat-winged creatures native to the Elemental Planes.1


All scamps vaguely resemble small bipedal humanoids with bodies made of elemental matter.4


Scamps are mischievous creatures, but despite their small stature are also imperious and egotistical. Many devise many elaborate titles to add to their name.4 They are influenced by their elemental nature; for instance, metal scamps are aggressively committed to the entropy that permeates the Plane of Metal5 while wood scamps are more social and committed to teamwork and cooperation.6


Scamps can reproduce, and not only with their own kind. Some geniekin are descended from scamps.7


Scamps form their own independent nations in the Elemental Planes, such as the air scamp Sparkling Principality of Hautansia in the Plane of Air89 or the conquering fire scamps of the Ninefold Towers of the Matriarch of Holy Sublimation.10


A scamp can wield some magic and emit elemental matter of their own type from their mouth.41 Each type of scamp has unique powers, although all can fly.111

On Golarion

A spellcaster can take a scamp as their familiar.4 Scamps have a reputation for being easy for novice spellcasters to conjure and command while also offering useful abilities, but they also require supervision to prevent them from descending into mischief.1

In the Great Beyond

The metal scamp Manganija is a renowned architect responsible for most of the buildings in Argyris and many more buildings constructed in more than 100 of the plane's cities over the last 10,000 years.12


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