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Draj fans play a game on the streets of Absalom.

Draj is an addictive strategy game from Vudra, where it originated centuries ago and remains most popular. As of 4715 AR it has become increasingly popular in other parts of Golarion, including the Inner Sea region where it goes by the name of Drouge, a Taldan corruption of the Vudrani name.12


Draj is a Vudrani word meaning "menagerie", and the game's pieces are tiles representing various creatures, such as chimeras, crocodiles, elephants, hydras, and wyverns. Two players take turn placing tiles, though the chimera piece changes the game's rules each time it enters play.1

The strategic elements of draj lend it a reputation as a game for intellectuals,13 with success dictated more by skill and finesse than random chance.2


Traditional draj sets use tiles made of ivory and obsidian,1 while inexpensive sets use painted wood.2 Advanced players customize their sets with specialized tiles, such as dragons and devils.4

On Golarion

In the Inner Sea region draj is particularly popular in Diobel,2 where Zamlin's Drouge Den attempts to draw more refined competitors than the nearby Hoag's Rickets and Rumples parlor.1

It is also trendy in Absalom, where Ivy District shop sell finely crafted tiles.5 The game was introduced to the city alongside the Vudran spice trade by Selmius Foster2 and as of 4721 AR repopularized among Absalom's Chelaxians by the Lord Gulv of House Tevineg in his broadsheet-covered mastery over all challengers at the Second Labyrinth tavern in The Coins.67

Gulv, a renowned diplomat, was introduced to the game in Sothis; his success as a competitor has led to some consternation among Absalom's Vudrani players.7 Aristocrats such as Lady Anilah Salhar8 and Lady Azoria of House Tevineg9 are also avid players.

In both cities, the game is particularly popular with gamblers.12

Draj is also among the tactical board games popular in the Five Kings Mountains.10 Draj sets are commonly included in the traveling gear of Pathfinders as a portable pastime,11 and the game is played in parts of the Grand Lodge12 and other Pathfinder lodges.4


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