Chuyokai Forest

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The Chuyokai Forest occupies the lower reaches of the kingdom of Chu Ye and, due to its fearsome nature, it effectively serves as a buffer between Chu Ye and the neighbouring kingdom of Wanshou. The forest is generally avoided by most sane folk and even the oni rulers of Chu Ye, for in the heart of Chuyokai dwell monsters even the demonic oni fear. The Chuyokai Forest is also home to over a dozen secret Mizu Ki Hikari bases, the Mizu Ki Hikari are a group of human rebels who resist the oni rule of Chu Ye. They use the Chuyokai due to it being an area the oni have no interest in, however, the Mizu Ki Hikari are active only around the forest edges as, like the oni, they fear the terrible things that dwell in the forest's heart.1