Mizu Ki Hikari

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Mizu Ki Hikari

Human rebels
Regional (Chu Ye)
Source: Dragon Empires Primer, pg(s). 11

The Mizu Ki Hikari are a human resistance organisation based in the oni ruled land of Chu Ye that opposes the rule of the tyrannous fiends. In Chu Ye, humans are little more than slaves and are completely banned from carrying any sort of weapon. Because of this, the Mizu Ki Hikari train extensively in unarmed combat techniques. The Mizu Ki Hikari have many bases on the outskirts of the Chuyokai Forest in the country's south but, much like the oni rulers of Chu Ye, they fear the monsters that dwell at the heart of the wood. Despite the dangers at the forest's centre, the Mizu Ki Hikari still use the forest to smuggle human slaves out of Chu Ye and into the neighbouring nation of Wanshou.1


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