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Cevil Charms

Source: Dungeoneer's Handbook, pg(s). 30

Cevil "Redwing" Charms, Esq. is a well-known bard1 and scholar of Varisia who wrote the definitive cyclopedia Eidolon for Varisia and the Storval Plateau, in which he describes many sites in those areas and reviews Varisian culture. His works are well received and well criticized, and he has many fans in Varisia.234 His works are popular enough to be housed in many small libraries around the Inner Sea region, such as the Wise Dragon Inn of Korvosa.5

Besides his work about Varisia, Redwing spent his lifetime exploring ruins, caves, and catacombs in many areas of Golarion, including Varisia, Numeria, Vudra, and Casmaron.1 Redwing also wrote Redwing's Dungeon Companion, which was later copied, though the copies do not possess the same powers of the original book. Because of this, many seek the lost original copy of the book. In his book, Redwing wrote the spells he had invented, that are also available through the copies of this book: conjure deadfall, create holds, determine depth, discern value, nature's ravages, and greater nature's ravages. His spells are used by many dungeoneers for their usefulness.6


Excerpts from Redwing's Eidolon appear as chapter headings in the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide (p. 2), Varisia, Birthplace of Legends (p. 5), Crown of Fangs (p. 80), The Brinewall Legacy (p. 62). A letter from Redwing to Brodert Quink is published in Spires of Xin-Shalast p. 8 and Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition p. 303.

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