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Joshua J. Frost
Joshua J. Frost.
Position Dragon and Dungeon Advertising Director (2005-2006)
Director of Advertising and Marketing (2006–2007)
Director of Marketing and Sales (2007–2008)
Events Manager and PFS Coordinator (2008–2010)
Freelance contributor

Joshua J. Frost is a freelance writer, game designer, and photographer. After a series of soul-sucking corporate jobs, Frost joined Paizo Publishing in 2005 as the advertising sales director for Dragon and Dungeon (magazine) magazines. He served as campaign coordinator for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, Paizo's world-wide RPG organized play system set in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting from its founding until September 2010.

His RPG design credits include Taldor, Echoes of Glory, the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, "Sun Dagger's Crown" in Pathfinder 17 and others for Paizo Publishing and A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide for Green Ronin. He is also the co-designer of Yetisburg, a comedic American civil war card game by Titanic Games. His RPG industry work has garnered him one ENnie award.