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Type Outsider
(chaotic, qlippoth, evil, extraplanar)
CR 14
Environment Any (Abyss)
Images of augnagars

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 219

The immense, ravenous augnagar qlippoth are the apex predators of the Abyssal ecosystem.[1]


The augnagar is a spider-like creature with three clawed tails and eight legs connected by leathery wings. It has a wingspan of 30 feet and weighs 6000 pounds.[2]


An augnagar's bite imparts a rotting curse that manifests as hideous, festering wounds that exude a horrific stench. Creatures that succumb to an augnagar's horrific appearance are driven momentarily insane.[2]


Relatively slow-witted, augnagars cling to the walls and ceilings of the deep Abyssal rifts. Despite being outsiders that need no food to survive, they still feed on anything that they can overpower. The augnagar prefers the taste of rotten flesh, flavoured by its rotting curse, particularly that of demons and especially of other qlippoth. When an augnagar feeds upon enough qlippoth flesh, it grows enormously bloated such that it can no longer fly, at which point it tears its own body apart and transforms into a smaller and far smarter thulgant.[1][2]


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