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(chaotic, qlippoth, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 225

Catabolignes are the living siege engines of the qlippoth.1[citation needed]


The cataboligne is a six-legged creature with spiked clubs at each end of its body in place of heads or tails. A spiky growth sticks up from its back, and a mouth yawns in its belly and drools a terrible flesh-eating poison. A cataboligne is 30 feet tall and 40 feet long, and weighs 16 tons.1[citation needed]


A cataboligne can unleash a concentrated beam of entropic power from the spiky tree-like growth on its back, capable of turning all it touches to dust. Creatures that succumb to a cataboligne's horrific appearance feel as though their bodies were falling to pieces.1[citation needed]


Catabolignes personify the primal urge to destroy created objects.2 Serving as living siege engines,3 catabolignes rampage among demonic fortifications, unmaking everything in their path. For some reason, they are not hostile towards proteans, and the proteans in turn often merrily lead catabolignes on destructive sprees.1[citation needed]

In the Great Beyond

Catabolignes occasionally emerge from the plunging chasms of Urothess in the Outer Rifts layer of Gluttondark4 and serve Yamasoth, the Polymorph Plague.5


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