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Chernobue qlippoth are the living manifestations of the primal urge to mate and the vile fecundity of the Outer Rifts.1[citation needed] They spread pain and misfortune wherever they flop and writhe.2


Each chernobue is a slippery, writhing mass of tentacles that each end in a mouth. It has a single large eye and a fanged maw for a belly.2 A chernobue is 13 feet long and weighs 500 pounds.1[citation needed]


Chernobues infect other creatures with the taint of the Outer Rifts that they carry, which manifests as a thick orange semi-living liquid poison that bursts out in a destructive extraction. They also radiate an aura of evil malaise against creatures of lawful or good alignments, and are capable of plane shifting to spread their filth to the multiverse. Creatures that succumb to the abhorrent visions projected by a chernobue's eye become paralysed with disgust.2


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