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A Shory aeromancer and sky master of air.

The Shory (pronounced shoh-REE)1 people of Garund were responsible for the Shory Empire, an ancient civilization of massive flying cities powered by the lost arcane art known as Aeromantic Infadibulum. Most of the empire has since crashed to Golarion's surface, leaving remnants scattered across Garund.

Few Shory still survive, with their influence now felt more through the descendants of early survivors. Yjae, floating aimlessly across the Shaguang desert in Tian Xia, is an exception; however, its people have forgotten much about their empire. The Tian-Yae people of Tian Xia are their descendants.2


The Shory people were the result of intermingling between Garundi nomads from southern Garund and the local Mwangi tribes of the Mwangi Expanse. In -2556 AR, the Shory confederacy was founded by disciples of Black Heron, one of the Ten Magic Warriors and an apprentice of Old Mage Jatembe. They shared his magic with the other Shory tribes and encouraged them to unite against the southern cults of Rovagug. The Shory used air magic to raid the cults from their treetop homes, protecting northern Garund from them and fuelling their own fascination with the sky.34


Descendants of pairings between people of Yjae and Tian Xia resulted in the Tian-Yae people, distinguished by their darker skin, straight black hair, and affinity for aeromancy.56


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