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Wheat is a commonly planted cereal grain in the Inner Sea region. It is so ubiquitous, that merchants use it as a trade good in lieu of coin. A pound of average quality wheat can generally be sold for one copper piece.1


Most wheat is planted in the spring and harvested in the fall, while winter wheat is planted in the winter to be harvested in the summer or early fall of the following year.2

The Carpenden Plains of Andoran, with their loamy soil and hot summers, are said to be nearly perfect for growing wheat, as are the Sirmium Plains in neighboring Cheliax,34 or more distant Ardeal in Ustalav.5 Wheat is quite hardy, however, and can grow in less than ideal conditions, such as in the valley of Kragnaroth, high in the Mindspin Mountains of the Hold of Belkzen,6 or in the marshy soils of the River Kingdoms.7 Wheat is an important staple even in lands that have limited or no growing seasons, such as the ice-bound realm of Irrisen, although it has to be imported there.8 Wheat is also a staple in Tian Xia, where Amanadaran wheat is frequently traded throughout the continent.9


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