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A Bekyar juju priest

The darker side of Shamanism, known as juju, is an ancient Mwangi faith. The faith is based on worship and interaction with a spirit world, called the hana juju, containing beings called wendo.12

Juju Pantheon

The juju pantheon is vast and contains wendo of varying levels of power. Some known wendo are:

Greater Wendo Spirits

Lesser Wendo Spirits

Other Wendo Spirits (rank unknown)

Juju on Golarion

Juju is practised primarily within Mwangi communities. Known adherents are:

Priests of juju are known as wendifa or juju oracles. Lead priests are classed as chief wendifa.1 They construct pictograms of the wendo called metumbe. Unbelievers are classed as ben kudu and must never see a juju ritual.2


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