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This article is about the alghollthu temple in Sekamina. For the amphibious humanoid people of the same name, see ulat-kini.

Ulat-Kini is an extensive, ancient temple complex found in the eastern-most reaches of the Dying Sea in the Darklands realm of Sekamina. Originally built by alghollthus during the Age of Serpents (or possibly even the Age of Creation), it is now sacred to ulat-kinis, who believe the first of their kind were engineered here millennia ago.1


The Temple of Ulat-Kini is located at the end of a spiraling, flooded secondary passage, where it takes up a five-acre space spread over several large caverns. Those approaching the site notice that the water becomes strangely thick, seeming more like transparent mud, but it is otherwise identical to water found at similar depths in the Darklands.1

The buildings themselves are a series of connected domes built of a golden stone that is polished by ulat-kinis to a bright sheen and decorated with coral. They are believed to have been built by alghollthus in ages past, and each contains a pocket of air that is magically recycled. Many of the air-filled rooms contain pools of fresh or salt water, themselves connected via water-filled tunnels to other pools in other domed structures. A number of the pools are said to have magical properties that can imbue the mind with extraordinary abilities, while others transform the flesh. The interior roofs of all the domes are magically enchanted with multi-hued patterns of light that are reflected in the waters below.1


The ulat-kini warrior caste patrol Ulat-Kini on giant albino crayfish, protecting their aged high priestess who lives within the central, copper-domed building. She inhales unnatural vapors and ingests substances in an effort to commune with unknown entities from the depths of space.1


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