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Source: The Kintargo Contract, pg(s). 60

Solmestria is the chieftain, or rokoa, of the Kitkasiticka tribe, a strix tribe dwelling in the Ravounel Forest. A leader without the opportunity to cultivate the skills she needs during the times of peace, she leads the tribe with the sword, the only way that she has ever known. Solmestria greatly regrets all the mistakes she has ever made, and hopes for a future where the strix are not hated and she can give up violence.1


Solmestria considers herself the leader that her tribe needs but does not deserve. She is aware that she is a poor teacher and has failed in educating them about the outside world, but hopes to compensate for this weakness with prowess in battle. She has trained her people well, and they are generally individually more powerful than their cousins in Hellcoast. Her tribe views Solmestria as both a leader and alpha hunter, but none knows that she hopes for a day when her style of militaristic leadership is no longer needed.1

The Kitkasiticka tribe's traditional nemeses have not been humans, but the Grundlescorn sisters, a coven of storm hags who have eaten many strix children, including one of Solmestria's sisters, over a period of 200 years. She has vowed to never let them eat another hatchling, and to hurt the hags as often as she can. Over time, she has led numerous raids on their resources, murdered all of their changeling children, and fostered the forest's sinister reputation to dissuade potential victims from settling near it. When the Grundlescorns tried to retaliate, the strix could simply scatter, leaving the enemy with no obvious target. Her role in driving away the Grundlescorn sisters propelled Solmestria to the rank of rokoa.1

Solmestria supports the outgoing ranger Rarrnir, whom she hopes to be a more nurturing leader than she could ever be. Once the Grundlescorn sisters are defeated for good and an alliance with the local humans can be established, she plans to abdicate.1


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