Ravounel Forest

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The Ravounel Forest is located in Ravounel, between the Yolubilis River and the Arcadian Ocean, and gives its name to the surrounding country.1 Rumors have begun to surface recently that a cult of Rovagug may be active within the wood, but no hard evidence has been found so far.2 Older rumours of strix and malicious fey have ensured the old forest has a dangerous reputation, and so the region has never been well populated.3

The forest was once part of the Archduchy of Ravounel, a part of Cheliax, before it seceded and became an independent nation.4


The Ravounel Forest is home to the strix of the Kitkasiticka tribe, who have lived in the forest for centuries. A coven of Rovagug-worshipping storm hags known as the Grundlescorn sisters also settled in the forest at a later date, coming in conflict with the strix for dominance of the Ravounel Forest.5 Other dangerous creatures live in the forest, including several evil fey.6


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